as the winter Olympics begin….never forget about Surya Bonaly, a French figure skater who did a backflip and landed on one blade. she was so damn good at the trick, they made it illegal. she is the only Olympic figure skater in HISTORY to ever successfully complete the move. |TTI

as the winter Olympics begin….never forget about Surya Bonaly, a French figure skater who did a backflip and landed on one blade. she was so damn good at the trick, they made it illegal. she is the only Olympic figure skater in HISTORY to ever successfully complete the move.


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  1. It was banned before she did it. She was injured and knew she wouldn’t win, so instead decided to go out with a bang by doing a move that was illegal. She wanted to prove she could do it. The title is very wrong.

  2. *At the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, Bonaly finished well out of reach of the gold medal following the short program. Unable to complete her planned routine due to injury, Bonaly decided to perform her backflip landing on one blade during the free skate. The move, which was made illegal after her successful uses of the move in previous competitions, caused a stir and resulted in a deduction but Bonaly was content with her decision. She finished tenth in Nagano and retired from amateur competition after the event.*

    She had not chance of winning but still took advantage of the moment.

  3. She was controversial in a lot of ways. Her coach made up a whole story about how she was an orphan adopted from a foreign country to make her more interesting to the press. Then it came out she was born in France. Oops.

    Also when she did her back flip in Olympic practice, she was extremely close to the Japanese skater Midori Ito (first woman to land the triple axel ever) and people felt it endangered the other skater.

    She was a really good skater. But yeah she wasn’t an ice princess and she was not afraid to stand up to the judges and that doesn’t go over well in a subjective sport like skating.

    Source: I am old and I remember.

  4. Jimmy, I never told you this before, but I used to coach pairs. I was on track to head up the Olympic squad. I wanted it badly, so I developed a move. A move the likes of which the world had never seen before. A move so revolutionary, so dangerous that it would have catapulted the team that stuck it straight to the top. And like many revolutionary ideas, it just scared the shit out of the establishment. So I quit. And I took it to the one place on earth batshit crazy enough to give it a try. North Korea. Behind the Bamboo Curtain, they call it “The Iron Lotus.”

  5. Pretty sure it was illegal when she did it, not illegal BECAUSE she did it. I think her routine wasn’t going as well as planned so she said “fuck it” and backflipped. It was illegal but she didn’t care.

  6. The move [was already illegal]( before she did it at the Olympics.

    She was known for performing the move [in practice](, possibly to intimidate other skaters on the ice.

    She was [warned ahead of time]( not to pull the stunt, but she did it any way.

  7. They didn’t make it illegal because she was so good at it. They made it illegal because its extremely dangerous and they didn’t want a copycat breaking their neck trying to do it at the next Olympics.

  8. They also banned speed skiing, because you can go up to 140MPH and easily die, in fact somebody died that’s why it didn’t even make it from exhibition. (IDK athletes have died on other competitions and they are still in the Olympics)

  9. More proof why people should just ignore what people on Twitter say. It’s illegal because it’s incredibly dangerous, people are already ranting about it being discrimination because of her skin color.

  10. I think I remember this on TV when it happened. At this point it was already banned. She was bombing her performance and did the back flip just because.

    Edit: Yes, found it. She was injured and couldn’t do her normal routine. But she could do the backflip. She did it at the Olympics after it was already banned.

    Edit Edit: I originally said she was a terrible figure skater. After a little more digging, she was in fact injured going into the Olympics. She has several Gold’s in other competitions throughout the early 90’s.

  11. Radiolab did an episode about her a couple of years ago. From her side of it, she didn’t fit their mold of what female figure skaters should be. The backflip was her way of flipping off the judges (no pun intended)

  12. This is fucking bullshit, just go read about her and you can see it’s not true. The move is illegal because you can fucking die doing it and she never did it in the olympics. She did it once during a practice session and she almost sliced open a Japanese skater and they told her to cut that shit out.

  13. This was still illegal before she did this, the move is illegal because it’s so dangerous, NOT because she was “so good at the trick.” Just do a simple check of logic and you’ll see this story makes no sense….

  14. Sounds like a sore loser to me.

    She did it as a big FU on her last performance even though it was illegal cause she had fallen behind and had no chance in getting no 1. Another time she got second and was too pissed to come to the podium alongside the winner.

  15. As others have mentioned, this move was banned because it was exceptionally dangerous. OP’s post implies that it was banned as a way to specifically target the skater and not the act. This is patently false.

    And, while we’re discussing the Olympian – I’ll note that she did successfully perform the maneuver at the 1998 Nagano Games. She also finished 10th in those games.

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