YSK: If you are exposed to nuclear fallout, you should not use conditioner during your decontaminating shower. It binds radioactive material in your hair. |TTI

Here is a source [article]( with further information on how to decontaminate after a nuclear event.


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  1. YS-also-K that all this information is coming from a flyer distributed by the government in Guam. This is intended for people who live on land that may be targeted by nuclear weapons. If Guam gets hit, you’re not going to go take a conditioner-free decontamination shower all the way in San Francisco.

  2. Someone tell me how I know if I’m exposed to nuclear fallout.

    I mean if you see the bomb explode that’s easy, but if it explodes a few time zones away, how do you know when the fallout gets in your hair?

  3. You’re also supposed to be really careful not to scratch yourself or rub too hard while taking the shower to avoid, I guess, letting the radiation in. There are lots of things I wish I didn’t learn in the last week or so.

  4. It’s a weird time we live in. Life hacks used to be like ‘how to cut a banana using only a rubber band’ and now it’s tips on how to not die during nuclear war.

  5. You should use dish soap with luke warm water.

    You don’t want your pores to open or close.

    You don’t want to use abrasives or harsh chemicals.

    Don’t swallow any water.

    The goal is to get the stuff off and to keep it from getting in you. Intake can happen through inhalation, absorbing​ through skin, mucus membranes , or through wounds, and through ingestion.

    -Health Physicist

  6. Nope. I don’t want to be part of the timeline where tips about how to survive nuclear fallout are making the front page of Reddit. If the world ends because some senior with a Twitter habit causes nukes to be used in anger then quite frankly we all deserved it for not stopping it.

  7. I’ll accept that all the information there is true, but tips like this just try to normalize the horrific. This is one of those “just scrape off the top 6 inches of topsoil to get rid of fallout” recommendations. It’s there to make you think something like radioactive bombs are just kind of inconvenient, so the thought of your government using them is ok.

    Average topsoil is what, 8 inches? Can you grow crops in two inches of topsoil? Where is that mound of radioactive dirt going to sit? Where is the wind blowing it? There were fallout hotspots from the Nevada testing in freaking Ohio. All that radiation doesn’t magically disappear like poop down a toilet because you scraped it off a field.

    Maybe thinking ‘good to know I just won’t condition my hair for a few weeks’ gives you some solace but if nukes get used we’re fucked. You next three generations of kids are fucked. We’re threatening use of nukes with another country. What is the rest of the government doing right now? Where are the protests?

    This isn’t right.

  8. >Like most people confronted with the possibility that a nuclear weapon or dirty bomb could release radioactive fallout somewhere near me, I’ve become obsessed with how to best wash my hair after such a disaster.

    Not really sure what to say about that. Is there a community of such obsessives?

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