What would have been popular subreddits in the 1700s? |TTI


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  1. /r/flowers which would be about opium.

    /r/AntoinetteMemes I’d read the shit out of that.

    /r/The_Bon about Napoleon Bonaparte.

    /r/Orientals which would just be pictures of Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern people living their lives with the most absurd comment section you’d ever read in your life.

    /r/Reason which would be about the Enlightenment.

    /r/nofap They hated that shit.

    /r/Gothic about Gothic novels

    /r/RealGothic which would be /r/NoSleep

  2. /r/The_George/ – dedicated to George Washington

    /r/The_George_The_Third/ – dedicated to King George III

    /r/TheBourbonsDidNothingWrong/ – royalist hangout during the French Revolution, featuring much gushing over pictures of Marie Antoinette in fancy dresses

    /r/Jacobins/ – revolutionary hangout during the French Revolution, featuring frequent links to Jean-Paul Marat’s articles and pro-guillotine memes

    /r/gonewild/ – because that’s always popular

  3. /r/blacktulip where you can share your stories and gain useful tips on the quest for creating the perfect Black Tulip (mind you, dark red is nice, and dark purple is very close to the real thing, but black is the colour we’re aiming for). Pics or it didn’t happen, but photoshopped pics will get you banned faster than you can cry “Have Mercy!”

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