“Jellyfish” Glass Tables With Dripping Tentacles That Look Like They’ve Been Created By The Sea |TTI

If you think glasswork involves nothing more than everyday household wares, think again. Italian artisan Daniela Forti uses a unique process to create stunningly surreal and unique works of translucent art, and they might remind you of a familiar sea creature.

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Though Forti hails from Rome, she claims fame from her mastery of long-refined Tuscan tradition. The 57-year-old has been living and working among the rolling hills of Chainti since 1982, and she’s upholding her hard-earned reputation as a master of vetreria with her latest collection, appropriately dubbed Meduse – the Italian name for jellyfish. She produces these breathtaking table-like sculptures through glass fusion – a technique which involves strategically melting down already-solid pieces of glass until they meld and weave together, forming new and beautiful shapes. In the case of Meduse, gravity is the instrument that helps Forti fashion the realistic ‘tentacles’ they possess.

See the sublime creations for yourself below, and if you’re lucky enough to be passing through Tuscany, you can visit Daniela Forti’s permanent exhibition of glass jewelry at the Palazzo Tucci Hotel in Lucca.

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