After 20 years, this is still one of the most mind boggling visual effects, from the movie Contact |TTI


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  1. it took me 5 minutes to even realize the actual effect

    i was thinking “whats the big deal about hiding cameramen during a mirror shot?”

    then i realized what actually happened and my brain is fucked

  2. Nevermind the compositing trickery, the entire plot and themes of Contact still *more* than hold up after 20 years.

    The entire thing was a jab at organized religion, the maddening organizational gridlock and bureaucracy of western governments, the absurd funding and political clout of the American military, and infantile status of the world’s nation-tribes, crawling and hissing at each other while human potential is so much greater.

    Sagan was a humanist and Contact adhered to the time honored method of using Science Fiction as a proxy to safely ridicule and expose the absurdity of modern society.

  3. On the DVD for Contact there is a ‘making of’ special that shows a great deal of compositing is done in this movie, one seemingly simple looking room scene was created from like 4 shots, the sky from somewhere, the outside from elsewhere and trees from somewhere else, jodie foster had a CGI morphed face when the first one blows up created from 2 different emotions, painting the crowd scenes inmpressed me lol.

    It is worth finding the dvd just for the special.

  4. This whole movie actually has an insane amount of compositing. Even normal scenes, like when they are just chatting outside, it was a clear day and they added clouds etc. Watching the special features DVD of everything they did is jaw dropping. Normal stuff nowadays but really cutting edge for 1997.

  5. As a VFX major we had to recreate this shot in my school. It was incredibly fun and like the post on here explaining the shot states, it was a composite of hallway footage and mirror footage all painted together. Really fun technique to recreate.

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