[WP] You are a supervillain infamous for kidnapping attractive members of the opposite sex. While everyone thinks you are evil, you are really just being a wingman for your superhero rival. |TTI

[WP] You are a supervillain infamous for kidnapping attractive members of the opposite sex. While everyone thinks you are evil, you are really just being a wingman for your superhero rival.


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  2. Listen, let’s make one thing clear right off the bat—I don’t like Spark-girl. Not in the very slightest. She’s loud and annoying, her outfit is stupid and impractical, and she keeps wrecking every single hideout I find within a week. And her name. Her superhero name is really stupid. The woman can *shoot lightning* for crying out loud, that is the lamest thing you could name yourself. If I was lucky enough to have lightning powers I’d name myself something properly badass and terrifying. But I don’t. Sucks to suck.

    Anyway, Sparky here is just plain dumb, alright? Stupidly emotional. The tiniest thing will happen and it sets her off, messes her up in the head. Like, a building burns to the ground (not my fault) and she gets the dozens of people inside out except one old lady. The old lady kicks it before she can get to her. And she’ll let that thing hang over her till you can see the literal rainclouds above her head. See? If I was a superhero, and thank god I’m not, I’d chalk that up as a huge success. That’s, like, a 99% success rate. I *wish* I had a 99% success rate.

    But you see what I mean. Sparky here. Gets upset over stupid things, can’t do her job properly for a week. Now listen, *I* don’t really care about her emotional state. The woman publicly declared me to be her “arch-nemesis,” that’s kinda around when I stopped caring. You know what I care about? When something rattles her to the point where she can’t do her job properly for two freaking months, and I’ve wiped the floor with her so many times that it’s gotten boring, and the other superheroes are talking about letting her take a break and putting some other hero on the job to beat me up on a regular basis.

    Uh, no. Believe it or not, I’d prefer Spark-girl. She isn’t a great hero, but as much as I really, really hate to admit it I’m not very high on the supervillain tier list, and I don’t want to take my chances with Panther Claw or someone who might go all-out and reduce me to a pulp on the pavement. I will say this about Sparky: she hasn’t killed me yet, out of some weird moral code on her part. Good for me. I like living.

    Anyways, I knew two months was way too long for this to be some run-of-the-mill heroic moral dilemma. So I stalked her for a little while. I needed to know what had gotten her like this. It took me way longer than I was hoping it would, but after I pickpocketed her phone and read through all of her texts (would not recommend the experience, 0/10) I figured it out. Are you ready?

    Spark-girl broke up with her boyfriend.

    Listen, Sparky: on the sliding scale of world-shaking catastrophes, this does not even register as something noteworthy.

    But hey, at least the problem had an easy solution. Kidnapping.

    (Kidnapping is always the solution.)

    So I started kidnapping men. That sounds a little bad, but I was getting a little desperate. Word had come down the supervillain grapevine that Inferno had volunteered to keep an eye on me while Spark-girl took a vacation, which was the absolute worst-case scenario. Inferno would have obliterated me from the face of this earth. A few of the other supervillains were already asking me what color flowers I wanted at my funeral. Therefore, the kidnapping.

    I did it very methodically. Read a lot of dating profiles. Even had a spreadsheet that organized all the victims by personality and physical appearance. I think she might have a thing for redheads. I’ll need more data to draw a conclusion though—it’s only been twelve dudes so far and that’s not really enough to determine a trend.

    It’s sort-of working, though. Sparky is still upset all the time. She still lets it get to her. I enjoy beating her up a little more, these days. Consider it payment for all the hours I spend on dating sites doing research for this moron.

    “Wicked Witch, why are you doing this?” she says today, thunder crackling from her fists as she faces me across a rooftop. I’m not in a good mood. Man #13 must have taken some crazy martial art classes as a kid because he actually did a number on me when I went to retrieve him.

    “Trope subversion,” I reply. “Reverse sexism. I’m really bored. Take your pick.”

    She beats me up extra badly for that. But she also smiles at Man #13 when she helps him up, so it’s something.

  3. “Please! Someone help me!” Yelled the woman as I swooped her into the sky.

    “Why?!” She screamed at me, panic hinting in her voice. “What have I done?”

    I stared at her, my mask a deadpan expression, as we ascended higher and higher into the air.

    “Please!” She yelled. “How could you be so heartless!”

    The words stung like a knife. If only she could know. If only I could tell her. I wished to just tell them, tell them that I didn’t *want* to do this. But no, I couldn’t. He commanded me, and so I did. Without him, I was nothing.

    “You must pay for crimes of your gender.” I said, expressionless. It hurt me even to say those words, though I had already said it a dozen times. But I had to. Every time, it was what I had to say. He demanded it. His plan worked, of course. It always did. I would lurk in the dark, staying hidden, until I could find an extremely attractive woman, and then I would kidnap her. I would carry her away into the sky, ignoring her cries of panic and despair, and bring her back to my lair. His lair. He would be there, of course, to put on a show of an intense battle, eventually defeating me and saving the lady. He would then fly away the woman, who always felt indebted to him. He would then offer to take them out for a night to remember, using that blasted smile of his, as a way for him to “make it up to her” for her traumatic experience. And it always worked. Every time. He tricked them, and they always fell for it.

    I waited for her response, her harsh accusation, or her fearful cry.

    Nothing came.

    Instead, she looked at me. Her eyes seemed to *soften.*

    “Who hurt you?” She asked, her voice barely audible over the deafening roar of the wind.

    I faltered, taken back for a moment. No women had ever asked me that. Each one had cried, pleaded, and yelled. A few had tried to talk to me, but only in an attempt to escape. This was different. No one had ever *cared.*

    I looked at her, her face a mixture of fear and worry. But there was something else there. Even in the face of certain danger, there was a hint of something else… It was almost as if…she cared. She cared about the man who had just kidnapped her, the man who had shown no regard for her life.

    *Who was she?* I wondered, suddenly uncertain. I looked at the tall, dark, looming building that was approaching in the distance. I looked at her.

    I stopped flying, immediately heading the other direction.

    I would not let him have her.

    No matter the cost.

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    Will write a part two below and on my subreddit! (I love this prompt, my plan is to revise this response a little bit to make it more detailed, post it on my subreddit and maybe write a three part series today to this).

    Here is part two! [Part Two!](

  4. I checked my phone to see if there were any texts or missed calls from Richie. I told him to be here two hours ago to pick up his “package” but there was no sign of him. Usually, I wouldn’t mind him being a little late but this one was a screamer and I wanted her out of my hair.

    Even though I placed the duct tape securely around her mouth, I could still hear the muffled sound of her cries for help. Tears were streaming down her pretty young face. I finished my spiel hours ago. Very standard stuff, “You’re so beautiful, I’m so handsome and powerful, we’re a perfect match. And if you don’t do exactly as I say, I’ll kill you. You’re mine now.” Blah blah blah. Richie was supposed to burst through my impenetrable security system (although it helped that he had all the access codes) and rescue her from my evil grasp so we could all go about our day.

    The girl couldn’t interest me less; I was in a very happy monogamous relationship with my head henchmen, Jeremy. But Richie had a thing for damsels in distress. An odd fetish, maybe, but who was I to judge? If I kidnapped a couple girls a month and let him heroically save them from my evil grasp, he’d turn a blind eye to my massive bank fraud schemes. Seemed like a good enough deal and it was working for the better part of two years.

    I was in my bedroom, watching the tied up girl through my CCTV, pacing and nervously munching on a bag of chips. Another half hour had gone by. What the fuck was taking him so long. I shot him a text, “Dude wtf? I will seriously hurt her if ur not here soon.”

    I perked up when I heard a strange sound coming from the monitors: silence. The muffled screams stopped. I went back to where she was sitting in that old rickety chair. “Well it looks like your hero isn’t going to show up. Shall we take this party back to the bedroom?” I placed my thumb and index finger on her chin and stared down at her. Her cheeks were blotchy and her mascara was smudged. Her eyes were full of fear. Blue eyes. Just like my sister’s.

    I took my hand off of her in disgust. Why was Richie letting this go on so long? It wasn’t fair to the poor thing. I sighed and kneeled down next to her, “Listen, hun. I’m not actually going to hurt you. Justice Man was just uh…too shy to ask you out but he’s on his way and he’s going to rescue you and then you can fuck a really cool superhero and have a great story to tell your friends, ok?” She looked confused but she nodded in understanding.

    A couple minutes later, Richie burst through my door. Finally. In his typically cocky way, he said, “Evil Man, you’re not going to do anything to this pretty lady.”

    I put my hands up in surrender but I was too tired to pretend to care, “Oh no. You have foiled my plans, Justice Man. She’s all yours.”

    Richie untied the girl and ripped the duct tape from her mouth. She quickly stood up and shook the ropes from her body and stared at Richie. Quietly, she stated, “You really got this fucking creep to kidnap me just so you could fuck me?” Her words dripped with venom. This was not good.

    Her voice grew louder until she was screaming in his face, “You used me. I really fucking thought I was going to die, you disgusting piece of shit. Stop using women for your own pleasure. I’m going to tell the whole world about your pathetic game.” She spit in his face. As she ran out through the doorway, she turned back to us and stuck up her middle finger, “Fuck both of you assholes.”

    Richie wiped the fresh saliva from his cheek and turned to me with a look I’d never seen on his face before: pure unadulterated anger. He ran toward me, my hands still up but I truly meant my surrender this time. “Richie, man, we can talk about this.” But it was too late.

  5. Her dainty fingers trailed down my suit while I checked my watch. Her lips found the base of my neck and went to work as I counted the ticks of my watch in my mind.

    Just five more minutes, and then we could leave.

    Her husky voice interrupted my thoughts. “Are you gonna take me back to your place yet, baby?” Her lusty tone raked across my spine, but I shook it off and let a seductive grin tug at the corner of my lips.

    “Eager, aren’t we? Sure you don’t want another drink?” I breathed this into her ear and thought against rolling my eyes at how hollow my tone was ringing in my ears but she seemed to dig it.

    “Ha, trying to get me drunk?” Well, yeah. A little. That’s terrible, isn’t it? His instructions, he likes them looser.

    She shook her head though. “No, no, can’t wait any longer,” she said languidly while biting her lip. God. She’s a dramatic one, he’ll love that. “Then let’s get going,” I beam at her and glance at my watch. So we’re a little early, that’s always fine. Leaves me time for me to build it up.

    I watch her swaying hips go past me, her purse swinging by her side. Her hair hung in little dark ringlets that brushed against the dark skin of her cheeks. I could just imagine her smile and dimples shining up at me again, lighting up her face. Al was going to owe me big for this one.

    The car ride was fairly quiet, with her finger tips occasionally trailing up my arm, but her face was turned to the window of my car.

    We stopped in a little alleyway, the little meeting point that’s been established. I took a deep breath. Time for the spiel.

    “Haha! It is I, the infamous Reape-” and I felt the cold bite of the barrel of a gun meet the side of my head right then. A shudder shook through my body. This I was not expecting.

    “Oh, I know, Mr. Reaper. I’ve suspected all night.” Her voice was still as fixed in a smooth whisper. A sense of dread was spreading through me. “Thank you for the confirmation, you’re under arrest for the kidnapping of scores of women as well as -”

    “Wait, wait, wait, sweetheart, you’ve got the wrong guy,” I chuckle nervously.

    “Really?” Her perfect eyebrow arched suspiciously.

    “I was joking around. Thought it’d be something funny to say.” I say, nervous laughter punctuating the ends of my sentences.

    “You left handcuffs and your mask in the back of your car, dumbass.”

    I look in my mirror. Oh. Guess I forgot to put those away from three nights ago. This was looking pretty bad.

    “You caught me, I’m a little kinky…”

    Her fist slammed into my jaw, knocking the breath out of me. “Shut up. And did you really think that we wouldn’t recognize you by this point from all the descriptions those ditzs left at the station? Dark, handsome, tall, with a beard that screams ‘I have as much hair on my body as I did at age 15.'” Ouch.
    “And you stink of that Irish Spring cologne they’ve reported, and for Christ’s sake, why do you choose the same location every time to pick them up? You’re. Not. Subtle.”

    Hm. Maybe it’s because Archie insists on this being the meeting place each time because he’s an idiot. A small sigh escaped me but I did not say anything.

    “What kind of sick bastard are you? Luring women out, keeping them here in an alleyway. What is kind of sick thoughts are running through your dam-”

    “Emerson?” A slurred shout burst through her sentence and her lips parted in surprise. I glanced down at my watch. About time.


    “Get down.” One of her hands pushed me down, the other still holding the gun to my head. My phone started ringing then, buzzing against my pantleg.

    “Don’t answer that,” she hissed.

    “Wasn’t planning on it,” I muttered.

    And then he reached voicemail and then everything went to hell.

    “Emerson. Thought we had another meeting tonight or did you forget? You know how much I hate putting on this stupid latex suit. Clings to my skin. But they dig it. Cmon, I was looking forward to this. Don’t leave me hanging. Can’t have the superhero show up without the damsel being there to be saved, right Em? Call me later.”

    His words were just as slurred in the message as his earlier shouts were. The officer’s perfectly pursed lips now hung in shock as she registered the voice, where she’s heard it from, and what it all meant. I got up from the floor and rested my head on the back of my seat. Damn it, Archie.

    “Emerson? Wha– that was the Jumper, right? Calling you? Aren’t you guys, you know-” And then she was at a loss for words, still processing.

    I didn’t answer. I waited for her to compose herself.

    “I still have to arrest you.” I nodded. I thrust my hands out now slowly, allowing her to reach into her clunky bag for the handcuffs.

    “Why? Why do you do this for him?” Her breath came out in soft whispers, full of disbelief and disgust, and somewhere – I could be just imagining this – a small amount of pity.

    I still do not answer.

    As she mutters into her walkie talkie, now taking nervous glances at me as I twiddle my thumbs. I lean my head against the glass and let the thoughts I have been suppressing during the phone message overtake me.

    His brow must have been creased as he made that message, doing that little low-hanging scrunch that happened whenever he was worried. He sounded drunk. Too drunk, as his voice had been dipping and slurring through the whole message. His eyes were probably glazed over when they were normally so clear when he talked to me and only me. He was probably licking his lips as he stumbled through his message. Or maybe I just added that on in my imagination, as it carried me to his soft hair and strong shoulders.

    Why do I do this?

    Because I’m in love with him. Damn it, Archie.

    This is way too long and strayed from the prompt, but I really liked the prompt so kudos to you. Feedback is appreciated. 🙂

  6. Terror tried to claw up my throat, but I swallowed hard and suppressed the scream. The only thing I could feel was his awful arm, tight around my waist. I wondered what was going to happen to me. Far below, I saw a mansion, glittering with lights but, oddly, painted only in shades of grey and black. We started to descend towards it – this must be his hideout! Police have been trying to pin down the infamous supervillain Reeve for months now.

    Reeve set me on the ground outside and backed away. He stared at me. I looked up and away – I wasn’t going to give him an inch of ground. He snorted quietly, turned away, and strode into the mansion. Confused, I looked around, wondering where to go, but a distinguished older man came up to me.

    “Ms. Velez, correct? My name is Gary. I’m the butler here. Can I help you get settled in?” I looked away from the mansion, considering an escape attempt – but there was fence after fence between me and freedom, and I had no idea where I was, so I nodded once and followed Gary into the mansion.

    Gary showed me to a suite of rooms, larger than a hotel presidential suite. This was not what I had expected – maybe a dungeon cell? Seeing my confusion, Gary asked if I needed anything.

    “Wh-what is he going to do with me?” I found the courage to ask, dreading the answer. I had heard the stories, same as everyone – Reeve only kidnapped women, and attractive ones, too. One could only speculate his plans for them, because Atlas, his archrival and our city’s resident superhero, always rescued them in the nick of time. That was the best I could hope for now, but Atlas had left the city yesterday to help fight down in Venezuela. With my luck, I’d be the first girl to discover what, exactly, Reeve was after.

    “Miss, I think you’ll find Master Reeve has none of those lecherous intentions you believe of him. For now, he is just going to give you a comfortable room and leave you be.” Gary’s eyes were kind and honest, but I didn’t believe him. One doesn’t earn the title “supervillain” for nothing. But for now, there was nothing to do but curl up on the four poster bed and sleep.

    By the time I woke up, sunlight was already streaming through the windows. I quickly got up and looked around – a clean outfit, surprisingly well-fitting and cute, was laid out on a nearby chair. I dressed hurriedly and checked my reflection in the bathroom – nothing great, but I wasn’t trying to impress. Outside my room, I tiptoed onto the stairs and followed the smell of food. I found the kitchen eventually – this house was huge! – but paused in the hallway when I heard a phone dialing.

    “Hey man, what’s up? I got the girl. When are you gonna come get her?” My breath hitched. The silky, deep voice was talking about me. It was probably Reeve. There was a garbled response on the phone line. “What? You’re in Venezuela? Why?” Reeve paused to listen. “Yeah man, I get it, it’s your job. But what am I supposed to do with her in the meantime?” He sounded exasperated, as if he didn’t have any plans for me in the first place. “Talk to her? You know I don’t like talking to them. They’re all terrified of me, it’s pathetic.” Sharp anger rose in my chest – how dare he call me pathetic? I was so caught up in my fury that I barely heard the end of the call – “Alright, whatever, man, just come as soon as you get back. I hope that this one works out for you.”

    I heard him hang up and pick up a mug. I was trying hard to figure out what I had learned – Reeve was planning to give me to someone who was working in Venezuela – probably one of the supervillains battling Atlas. And what did he mean by *I don’t like talking to them*? Regardless, I couldn’t believe he called me pathetic – I would show him. I squared my shoulders and walked into the kitchen.

    [POV Change]
    I had just finished my coffee when she came in. Unlike most of Atlas’s choices, she was a brunette. I saw instantly that she was trying to be brave – she looked me in the eyes with a glare that would have withered, if I cared. One corner of my mouth turned up in amusement, which seemed to anger her even further. She didn’t stop glaring at me until Gary beckoned her over to the table and set down a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her. She seemed reluctant to eat, but her stomach betrayed her, letting out a growl.

    “You can eat, you know. It’s not poisoned.” At the sound of my amused voice, the girl stiffened and fixed me with that glare again. At least she had spirit. I continued to smile blandly at her hateful expression, and eventually she turned and began to eat. I read the newspaper calmly, ignoring her occasional furtive glances over to me.

    When she had cleaned her plate, she stood, walked closer to me, and waited. After it was clear she wasn’t going to go away, I lowered the newspaper and raised an eyebrow at her. “Why did you bring me here? What are you going to do to me, and why are you feeding me and giving me a really nice room instead of just getting on with it?” Her voice was strong, but her fists were balled up at her sides. She had backbone, but she was scared – of me. I smiled lazily at her.

    “Contrary to popular belief, darlin, I do not lock up poor maidens such as yourself and eat them for lunch. I am not going to do anything to you, so I suggest you enjoy your stay. It seems like it’ll be a little longer than usual.” She didn’t bat an eye at my statement – did she know something? Had she heard my phone conversation? I watched her, but she didn’t say anything. I raised the newspaper again.

    Her hand tore through the sports section, ripping my newspaper in half and leaving me clutching two shreds of it. I looked at her, mildly impressed. “Do not ignore me. You will tell me who is coming to get me from Venezuela and why they chose me. Now.” I had to admit, I liked her spirit. This girl was not like the other ones.

    “And, darlin, what if I don’t?” My posture hadn’t changed since she walked in – leaned back just far enough to show that I was relaxed, but still in control. Her eyebrows drew together and her back stiffened.

    “Well- uh- will your friend like it very much if he comes back and finds that I jumped out the window? I’m not *pathetic*, Reeve, and I’m not just going to sit around and wait for some *men* to decide who owns me!” I sat up in my chair. This girl was not messing around.

    “Whoa, whoa, darlin, no need for that. None of us are gonna hurt you.” I glanced at Gary. He nodded – he agreed, I should tell her the truth. “I guess I’m not your typical supervillain. Atlas and I have been best friends for years and years, and when we both got superpowers, we figured – why not pull a long con? If the other, real supervillains think that this city already has a powerful supervillain in residence, then they’ll likely stay away. So I’m the bad cop and he’s the good cop, if you will.”

    She furrowed her brows, seemingly processing the information. I continued, “The kidnappings are because my buddy Atlas, well, he wants to settle down, and he’s a little shy. So he picks a girl, I kidnap her, he comes and rescues her after a few hours, and if he likes her and she likes him, he’ll take her out on a date. Of course, they usually fall for it, but if they don’t, they go along with nothing more than a cool story. But you’re different, darlin.” She is thinking, trying to disprove my confession with her own knowledge. But the more she thinks, the more she realizes that, indeed, I’ve never actually killed anyone. In fact, my botched “crimes” usually lead to helping more people than they hurt. I see realization dawn in her eyes.

    “So – you let everyone in the city hate and fear you, just so that they’re safe? And you kidnap girls just to give Atlas a better chance with them?” Her voice is incredulous.

    “Well when you put it like that, darlin, it sounds much more noble than lecherous ol’ me could ever be.” Amusement tinges my tone, but I am impressed at how she adapts to the information. It’s nice to actually be able to tell someone the truth. Now I sort of regret the whole thing, though – there’s no way she could ever fall for me over Atlas. And damn if I’m not thinking about how good of a sidekick she would make.

    [POV Change]
    I wandered out of the kitchen, Reeve’s questioning eyes on my back. I needed to mull over this information. I never thought that Reeve could ever turn out to be decent, but how could those strong shoulders and wavy black hair be entirely evil? And his deep, laughing voice. And his long-fingered hands, casually wrapped around a coffee mug. And his dark eyes, scanning mine like he had been looking for something for a long, long time.

    I turned around and stormed back into the kitchen. Reeve, with a whole newspaper again in his hands, looked up, surprised. I stopped and clutched the doorframe. “Is the rescue by Atlas, you know, optional?” I blurted. His hands tightened in shock, each ripping away a handful of newspaper. He unfolded himself from the chair. I hadn’t realized how tall he was. He walked closer to me, his steps surprisingly light. I felt his fingers under my chin, tilting my face so that he could see it. Our eyes met.

    “Yes, darlin.”

  7. ***
    My lair 1/29/18

    “Just trust me, Tim.” he said,

    “NO, That’s what got us into this in the first place. ‘it’s just a book, what could happen.’ Ring any bells?”

    “Okay, but other than that one time;”

    “And the time in Sacramento? I nearly Drowned when Hurricaine showed up!”

    “Okay, well getting our powers and Sacramento, Other than those times when have i ever steered us wrong.”

    *sigh* he always did this. Come up with some magical idea that was going to ‘fix’ everything. The Superpowers, this scam we were running, we were way too deep as it is; but I had more money than god, I could retire whenever.

    “Okay, WHY do you want to suddenly shake this up. We had it figured out, we go in on opposite sides in this city, you get the Fame, the glory, I help you the chicks; and I get the money and the tech. Why do you want to shake that up by bringing in a rogue element?”

    “Cause man, I’m tired of seeing you mope around here all lonely. And don’t deny it, You’ve been my Wing-man for so long, let me flip the script just, trust me. Show up for the bank heist you’ve been planning and hit the fist hero into the building with your blasts. Leave the rest to me.”

    I was SO going to regret this. I don’t know why i let him talk me into these things, there must be something wrong with me. Well, More wrong with me.

    “Fine, I’ll do it, but it’s not gonna accomplish much. I just don’t date man, It’s been the same since high school.” It really had been, oh well. I had planning to do, I needed to get my robots in undetected. Once I triggered them they’d get away with about a third of the money before ‘Halcyon’ showed up and saved the day by driving me off. Shouldn’t be too hard. Just send em in over the T-Grid ceiling and make sure to rest up for the fight.

    **Heist Day**2/1/18 10 AM

    The Vault doors shattered inward, I loved that part. BOOM. so much fun.
    My stealth bots went to work collecting the money from the tellers drawers while I make a show of Melting through the lock boxes with precision releases of my energy. Just enough to make them replace the locks. Don’t want to want to damage anything inside, John will show up any second to drive me off and I don’t want to accidentally ruin someone’s retirement. Everything in the drawers in insured anyway.

    Guess I’ll keep melting through he locks, see if there are any funny stories i can share later.

    I figured he would be here by now but oh well, What box am I even on? Oh hell, FA 13? I’ve got to have been in here at least 7 minutes. Where IS he?


    The proximity alarm. It’s about Goddamn Time, I focus a couple million joules into my hands and hold it there, pretty powerful but he’s almost invulnerable so it wont do much more than blow out some windows and make a big red flash.


    See, he never talks like that, i knew he couldn’t just ‘flip the script’ and make it look real. I turn and release the energy, should catch him right in the logo.



    Time seems to dilate as the energy makes impact.






    I hear her Bone break from here. God that must be painful! The bones in a birds wings are hollow and latticed if her wings were similar she probably had hairline fractures all throughout it. Shit are those sirens? I have to get out of here! Screw John; I can’t let any innocent people get caught up in our fights.

    Radiant groans outside the door, her angelic figure thrown awkwardly across a car. I wince at the sound as i correct my thought.

    More innocent people… Crap, what do I do. I can’t just leave her here, no hospital in miles is equipped to treat wings of that size; let alone having a Doctor on staff that knows wings. what are they gonna do take her to a vet!? I have to make this right. Damn it john I didn’t sign up for this. I awkwardly collect Radiant’s unconscious form and fly away, just as the police arrive. Several terrified and angry screams follow me though luckily only a couple gunshots. I have something of a reputation, but what if they hit Her? Damn it, people need to think before they open fire like that.

    **The Lair**2/1/18 7 PM

    *uhhh* “Where am I?” I ask of the dark, I’m Numb, but i lift my head, Positioning my arms to sit up.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” a voice from the shadows answers. “You took a hit intended for another. Your wing was shattered in the process.” I stop moving as Petajoule steps up the edge of the spotlight I’m under. “I’ve set your bones and injected you with my healing nanites but you will be tender for a while yet.”

    That can’t be the truth? Why would he try to help heal me? I flex my wings trying to see if he’s lying and just drugged me.

    “Tsss, CHEESE AND RICE that Hurts!”

    “Wait, ‘Cheese and Rice,’ Well… that’s adorable.”

    “Shut Up!” He starts laughing, but not the usual laugh I’ve heard from footage of him and Halcyon, it sounds almost caring…this is getting very weird. “What? I have to be a good example. Little girls look up to me.”

    “Oh don’t worry, I can see why they do. I’ll be leaving soon and I’m taking the money with me when I go, and you’re in no condition to object. Hopefully I don’t see you around.”

    “What in the?”



    A black and gold streak crashes through the ceiling rocks falling everywhere as the villain erects a shield with his energy, I can see the rocks falling onto it but it’s protecting me from the collapse, that must be my imagination.

    “YOU’VE GONE TOO FAR!” Halcyon starts advancing slowly, the rage on his face extremely evident out of character. “THE OTHERS WERE BAD ENOUGH BUT A HERO!?” his heavy echoing footfalls audible even over the din of the last bits of collapsing rubble.


    “NO MORE! TODAY I SAVE THE WORLD PERMANENTLY!” another step, his face still frozen an a that rictus of rage, what in the world was wrong with him?!


    “What are you doing here?!” the confusion was evident either Petajoule honestly believed no hero could find his lair, or had expected to be gone faster.


    “Stop There!”




    “JOHN IF I PUT ANY MORE INTO THESE SHE’LL BE CAUGHT IN THE BLAST LET ME LEAVE!!” What? He knew Halcyon’s identity? Why? he’s never attacked while halcyon was with the press or somewhere else. If he hates him so much, Why does he keep the secret?

    Halcyon’s charge takes them both into the wall before I even register the new movement. Once pinned into a human shaped divot in the wall Halcyon starts driving brutal punches into Petajoule’s stomach.

    “NO MORE!” The next punch Drives him another half inch into the rock wall, Petajoule coughs blood onto his attackers arm his confusion so compete i’m not even sure he recognizes the hero from the news.

    “HALCYON STOP!” the walls ring with my voice. Halcyon freezes midway through drawing for another punch. “LOOK at him. He’s bleeding internally by now probably. You can’t Kill him. He Healed me, look my wings are already straightened. He can be redeemed I’m sure of it. Just, Let me take him.” Halcyon glances down to the unconscious man still held to the wall by his fist.

    “Fine.” Halcyon turns and walks over to the hole he made in the ceiling. “He’s your problem now.” With that he leaps into the sky and is gone. I walk over to the villain i probably would’ve been fighting to arrest just a few hours ago. He is still hanging limply in the rock wall.

    “Don’t worry, I’ve got a friend who’s a Doctor,” I grab him, My wings are still sore but he needs help. Thank goodness he helped me or he would be dead by the time I figured out where i was to get a life flight here. He doesn’t even groan when i pull him out of the wall. That can’t be a good sign. Okay Rebecca, He’s in shock and needs attention now. Time to move, grit your teeth and bear it.



    The Comm went off with my usual alert tone. I answered, this time.

    “Finally, look i know you are still mad at me Tim, but i had to sell it. You know how you’re always criticizing my acting during our heists.” Damn right i was still mad at him, 3 fractured ribs, a punctured lung, contusions and all manner of other injuries, if Rebecca hadn’t gone back to get my medical nanites i’d still be breathing through a machine.

    “John, get to the point, I’ve been in casts for two weeks. Ass Hole.”

    “Okay, gotcha, I deserve that;”

    “Language!” I hear called from the other room. That was certainly going to take getting used to.

    “Do I hear Radiant? I thought you were home by now. Her Doctor friend still tending your wounds?”


    “Right, the point. So… Have you been on a date yet?” He asked, clearly hoping for a particular answer. I don’t know why, the whole living vicariously through someone else didn’t really apply to him with his regular sexcapades. I knew this was conversation would happen eventually, better get it over with.

    “You know what, Fine. Yes. we went on a date yesterday.”


    “At which point i told Her the truth.” Several seconds of silence. Yeah, clubbing him over the head with it had definitely been the right way to go.

    “About?” he said, trepidation in his voice. Oooh yeah, i was getting way to much pleasure out of hearing him squirm, I wish i could see his face.

    “Everything, Us, the crimes, the plan. All of it. It was my Valentines gift to her.”

    “You Romantic, So… is she turning us in?”

    “No, but we’re stopping our arrangement, I’m ‘reforming’ and becoming a hero. Oh and she wants to hit you a few times.” I tried to keep my voice stern, like a parent talking to an unruly child. It didn’t work very well for me between the resent injuries, and the irony of that last part.

    “Hahaha, Yeah I suppose I earned that. See you two in a couple weeks?”

    “Yeah John, sure. Oh also, she isn’t the only one who wants to hit you. For a while.”


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