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  1. Think about how much more fun it would be with 40-something year old, out-of-shape dads playing the tags instead

  2. I honestly went into this thinking it’d be about pro graffiti artists spray painting on walls on a timer.

    This is much simpler and much better.

  3. This is my favorite thing I’ve seen all day, possibly the past week. I will have to find some full videos of this.

  4. Honestly I would enjoy the tag game very little on this course and instead revel in executing sick movement combos.

  5. The black guy is professional freerunner Joe Scandrett. Not sure who the other is, but by his movement he could be Pedro Salgado or a Storror athlete.

  6. Is there a timer or something? I always thought of tag as a group sport. I guess they just go until one can’t keep up any more?

  7. You know that feeling someone is about to grab you so you slowly increase your pace? Thats this but 100x worsebetter

  8. Videos in this thread: [Watch Playlist ▶](

    [WCT2 – Highlights 2 – The London Chase-Off](|[+203]( – I love it when r/wholesomememes leaks. Edit: source
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    [Graffiti Competition at Surabaya Town Square ( sutos ) PESTAPORA](|[+3]( –
    (1) [WCT2: Qualifiers. Final – Set 1]( (2) [WCT2: Qualifiers. Final – Set 2](|[+2]( – Here’s a match: Part 1, Part 2
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  9. We played something similar to this in high school called pirates, where we pulled all the gym equipment out onto the floor of the gym (mats, balance beams and anything else we could stand on) 3 people had to catch everyone else within a time limit and nobody was allowed to touch the floor. Lots of cheating by people shifting items around go make it impossible to get to them. Good times, this looks like a lot of fun.

  10. I find it odd that these professionals don’t wear skin tight clothes to prevent shirt touches and stuff like that, everyone’s dressed so casually

  11. This will be the next big craze. I’m calling it now. I can see this as a sporting event at colleges just like Quidditch from Harry Potter.

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