YSK Windows 10 users may use the application “Contact Support” to get free help for any software-related issues they may be having |TTI

I usually like to figure things out myself, but it feels so good when you can just contact them and allow them to fix an update issue or something without having to do the brainwork.

To open it up, just go to your start menu, and look for the application whose name is “Contact Support”. You can also just type in the name after opening the start menu.

**Note:** Your problem may take hours to fix, so make sure you don’t need to use your PC for a good while.


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  1. I used this when I installed a new motherboard into my computer, my issue was windows “forgot” my key and I couldn’t use the old one because it was taken ( by me ) so I told them and the support guy just asked what version I had ( regular, home, pro etc.) I told him pro and he just gave me a new key for it so I have the full version of windows again. Thanks Microsoft support guy ????

  2. No joke, when i was a kid we had AT&T. Back in the day, i used to call them up with any PC problems. They were usually able to help me fix it.

    Now that im an adult, I found out my kid self was not as great at fixing/diagnosing what turned out to be basic pc problems.

    But still, Kudos for those tech guys from the 90-05 era that decided to work for AT&T

  3. You really think Microsoft Support is going to help? I regularly deal with Microsoft “Premium” Support at work, and they have yet to actually be helpful.

  4. I actually used this to get them to give me a shell command to remove all the bloat ware apps that came preinstalled on my copy of windows. They did it after not a lot of prodding. I was extremely pleased by that support chat.

  5. Is this true? I have a really fkn weird problem with my PC that even r/pcmasterrace can’t solve, and LG just dosge the bullets since it works on other PC’z

  6. Lol trusting microsoft support is like trusting a sibling to cut your hair.

    You really dont want to and any results you get will still leave you unsatisfied

  7. That sounds so much like the things those “greetings of the day i am from the microsofts technical support” calls I personally think it’s a really bad idea. Get people to go to a website where they at least have a chance of seeing that.

    If it becomes common knowledge that this exists I imagine those calls will sharpish turn into “Please download the Contact Support app from our website {logmein,teamviewer,etc site}”

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